Wifi Cold Spot

Wifi cold spot

You can find wifi hotspots everywhere. How about a wifi cold spot disconnected from the Internet right in the library? Bring a space to your patrons for dedicated focus and productivity. Project by Ben Brady for LTK at Harvard GSD, Spring 2012.


  1. Use the wood (or whichever material of your choosing) with hammer and nails to build out the physical enclosure
  2. Paint the interior of the enclosure with EMF-shielding paint which prevents all cell phone signal and wifi from entering the space.
  3. Introduce dim lighting into the enclosure. This can take the form of a dimmed reading lamp or even Christmas lights.
  4. Place a beanbag within the enclosure for patron comfort.
  5. Use sharpies and paper to create signage explaining no cell phones or wifi-enabled devices can work in the new Wifi Cold Spot.

See an example HERE.