Electric Campfire

Ec v2

A mobile "campfire" for charging devices in the library. Project by Jenny Hong for LTK at Harvard GSD, Fall 2013.


  1. You'll definitely want to check out the complete instructions at https://github.com/library-test-kitchen/electric-campfire for details on assembly and specific parts, but for a quick overview...
  2. Get all your parts! switch box, outlets, battery cables, marine rv-battery, converter, power inverter, outlet adapter, plywood, casters...
  3. assemble the plywood box, add braces and casters
  4. secure batteries and assemble all wiring (again, see instructions for wiring diagrams)
  5. give your campfire an identity! use paint, stencils...
  6. place it somewhere without outlets. experiment with different locations
  7. make another! try other shapes and sizes. take photos and add yours to the cookbook.