Inflatable Reading Room

Reading room.106

A pop-up magical reading environment. Originally created by Arielle Assouline-Lichten and Ben Brady for LTK at Harvard GSD, Fall 2012.


  1. Decide on a shape and size for your reading room. A great place to start is Inflatocookbook by Ant Farm (see link in source), which has many patterns you can use. It can be useful to test out your pattern in miniature using paper first to get a sense of how the pieces fit together.
  2. Find a large empty floorspace to work. Stick indoors so nothing blows away.
  3. Following your pattern, build your inflatable out of mylar! It's a forgiving material - you can always tape up mistakes, especially if you use matching mylar tape.
  4. Cut a slit for the door, and stick on a zipper. The pull should be at the floor in the closed position, so that it is easier for all heights to reach.
  5. Cut a hole for your fan and inflate. Something like an 8" portable ventilator works really well, but you can use an ordinary household fan as well. You may need to experiment with partially opening the door so it doesn't over-inflate and break seams.
  6. Make it comfortable and inviting! Things you might add: bean bag chairs, rugs, inflatable furniture, pillows, artificial turf, lights, books, paper and markers...