GSD Seminar 09125
10am - 1pm, Fall 2013
Graduate School of Design
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

Part class, part funded research, we're fabricating library futures.

We're an Advanced Seminar in the Harvard Graduate School of Design. We have a working budget, a defined client, and a desire for impact. And we want to have fun while we're at it. Visit the official GSD course listing.

09125: Library Test Kitchen
Fall 2013
Wednesdays, 10am - 1pm

Making Real Things

Our goal is real-world impact inside and outside the walls of Harvard. We make things that contribute to the library discourse. We collaborate with the Harvard Library, and academic and public libraries from across the U.S. We believe positive change will grow from within the existing system.

Library Test Kitchen Productions may be:

  • » Built
  • » Coded
  • » Instituted as temporary policy

Fall '13 Students & Friends

At the Intersection of Information and Space

Knowledge, public space, the internet, education, these are massive contemporary forces libraries bear. We see libraries as an untapped creative domain for architects, designers -- folks of all kinds -- to dig into. Their program is the convergence of knowledge, space, community, and relationships.

  • » Real Estate: Across the US, right in the center of things
  • » Personal History: We've grown up with them
  • » Trust: Staunch defenders of privacy
  • » Materials: Vast collections of materials